Private Walks

Budapest walking tour
(minimum 4 hours)

This tour gives you a global view of the city. During the walk you will get a comprehensive knowledge on the history, culture, architecture of the city from the Roman period to the present days. The tour is based on visiting the main sights of the capital: the Saint Stephan's Cathedral, the Hungarian Parliament, the famous Andrássy avenue, the Jewish quarter or the Castle District.

If you want to get a more detailed picture of the given part of the city the other tours are recommended.


Castle District tour
(minimum 3 hours)

The Buda Castle District is also on the UNESCO Word Heritage List. The history of this area goes back to the 13th century and its golden period was in the 15th century. The Ottoman invasion, the Habsburg period and the battles in 1944-1945 had a significant effect on the architectural feature of the district. From the walls you can enjoy one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world.

The most popular sights of this area are the Matthias Church, the Fishermen's Bastion and the Royal Palace or other interesting places even under the earth. This tour can also be extended by a visit to the Watertown, which is a narrow area between the Danube and the Castle Hill.


Downtown Pest and Leopold town tour
(minimum 3 hours)

The downtown area covers the territory of medieval Pest when the city was surrounded by a wall system. Inside this border today you can find one of the most famos streets of central Budapest called Váci street, the ruins of a Roman fort, the oldest church on the Pest side and several Art Nouveau style buildings.

The Leopold town (Lipótváros) lies on the northern part of the 5th district of Budapest and is considered as the administrative and financial centre of the country. The area was named after Leopold II when he was crowned King of Hungary in 1790. The earliest buildings in Lipótváros were erected in the classicist style but the district landscape changed continuously and resulted in a mixture of the eclectic and Art Nouveau architectural style.

The most important landmarks of Lipótváros are the Hungarian Parliament, the National Bank of Hungary with its visitor centre, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the building of the former Postal Savings Bank and the St. Stephan's Cathedral with its panoramic view from top of the building.


The Andrássy avenue and City Park tour
(minimum 3 hours)

After the unification of three former cities (Pest, Buda and Óbuda) in 1873 Budapest became one of the fastest growing capitals in the world. The avenue which is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites symbolizes this prosperous period. Lined with magnificent Neo-renaissance style buildings the avenue links the inner part of the city with the City Park, under it runs the first underground of continental Europe. The route starts on Elizabeth Square, passes the Hungarian State Opera and several representative buildings, cafes, museums, spectacular squares like the famous Heroes Square, and ends in the City Park where you can learn more about the Vajdahunyad Castle or Széchenyi Thermal Bath.


Jewish heritage tour
(minimum 3 hours)

The Jews played a significant role in Hungarian history. The "Jewish Quarter" in the Elizabeth town became the centre of religious life and commercial activity of the Jewish community in the 19th century. The importance of the area is shown by the fact that you can find Europe's largest synagogue in this area. The most interesting sights within the Jewish Quarter are the Dohány Street Synagogue and its surrounding, the Rumbach Street Synagogue, Király Street, the Gozsdu Passage and the Kazinczy Street Synagogue. Besides visiting the Jewish Quarter the tour can be continued with other Jews related sights in Budapest.


Hiking tour in the Buda Hills
(minimum 4-5 hours)

This tour is recommended for those who spend more time in Budapest and want to visit the surrounding hills. There are numerous hiking routes in the Buda Hills and some of them head to the highest peak in Budapest called John's Hill (János-hegy - 527 metres). On the top of the hill stands the Elizabeth Tower which offers you a magnificent panorama view of the capital. There are several attractions in the vicinity of John's Hill like the Children's Railway, the chair-lift, other look-out towers or you can test your courage in an adventure park.


Early morning walking tour with breakfast
(minimum 4 hours)

If you are an early bird it can be perfect to start a walking tour with breakfast in a small atmospheric local restaurant. The day continues with any of the tours listed above and as most of the other tourists are still in bed you will have a good chance to visit the most popular sights without a crowd.

Tours by car or minivan or extended tours of Hungary are also available. In this case please send an e-mail to